Cookie Audit

…. and how to become cookie compliant

suggests that all companies complete a cookie audit, as follows:

Check what type of cookies or similar technologies you use and how you use them

This might be a comprehensive audit of your website or it could be as simple as checking what data files are placed on user terminals and why. You should analyse which cookies are strictly necessary and might not need consent. You might also use this as an opportunity to ‘clean up’ your web pages and stop using any cookies that are unnecessary or which have been superseded as your site has evolved.

Assess how intrusive your use of cookies is

It might be useful to think of this in terms of a sliding scale, with privacy neutral cookies at one end of the scale and more intrusive uses of the technology at the other. You can then focus your efforts on achieving compliance appropriately providing more information and offering more detailed choices at the intrusive end of the scale.

Decide what solution to obtain consent will be best in your circumstances

Essentially the more directly the use of a cookie or similar technology relates to the user’s personal information, the more carefully you need to think about how you get consent.

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