3rd Party Cookies

Some websites allow third parties to set cookies on a user’s device. If your website displays content from a third party this third party may read and write their own cookies or similar technologies onto ‘your’  users’  devices.  Obviously,  the  process  of  getting  consent  for  these  cookies  is  more  complex and  our  view  is  that  everyone  has  a  part  to  play  in  making  sure  that  the  user  is  aware  of  what  is being  collected  and  by  whom.

Responsibility for 3rd party cookies?
There  are  a  number  of  initiatives  that  seek  to  ensure  that  users  are given more and better information about how their information might be used. These will no doubt adapt  to  achieve  compliance  with  the  new  rule  but  the  advice  from  the  ICO  is  for  anyone  whose website allows or uses third party cookies to make sure that they are doing  everything they can to get the right information choices about what is stored on their device.