Smartphones & Mobile Cookies

Considering the nature of the smartphones and every device being contained by internet access and downloadable  applications  for  usage  cookies  are  as  common  on  the smartphone  devices  as on  the computer.

Smartphone Cookies
The EU Directive does not separate concerning which type of device and the Cookie Law still oblige for applications and smartphone usage of internet and online privacy.

Cookie Law & Analytics
Most  modern  websites  have  web  tracking  for  collecting  information  about  visitors  to  the  site.  The most popular free analytics package is Google Analytics, which is found in use at around 57% of the 10,000 most popular websites, including New York Times, Washington Post, Mashable and Twitter.
In  early  May  2011  the  ICO  issued  guidelines  on  how  to  interpret  the  new  EU  Cookie  Law.  The  ICO states that:

“An analytic cookie might not appear to be as intrusive as others that might track a user across multiple sites but you still need consent.”