Website Cookie Audit Template

Getting your website complaint, and using a free cookie audit tool might be the answer to compliance, howerever we suggest the following.

Create your own Website Cookie Audit Template.

A website Cookie Audit for each of your sites using the audit template to determine which cookies are first, third, session or persistant.

From here you can work on a explicit or implied consent cookie regulation message for visitors to your site.

Review all Cookies on your Website Cookie Audit Template

  • List all the types of cookies
  • Account and list the cookie uses
  • Determine with are “neccessary” and which are optional
  • Determine the level of complexity to alter cookie status on your site.

The European ePrivacy directive cookies came into effect on May 26, without much ado.

The BBC has implemented a cookie solution, BT has a slick Modal varient for opt-in consent.

Since the law came into force in the UK most large government websites and the likes of Google and Microsoft have yet taken stock of the law. We must say with all the free cookie tools on the market, this is somewhat surprising.